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           Marius Wojton - "Enlightened Mind"

The Enlightened Mind by Marius Wojton is an exceptional collection of five musical compositions that will take you to the extremely hidden corners of your mind. The album contains relaxation and meditational music for wide public, and even the least advanced meditation adept will find something for himself. The order of compositions is logical- The Morning Extasy is specifically composed for morning listening and it contains brain waves synchronisation content that tune both of our brain hemispheres for the upcoming day from the low frequencies of about 4-5 Hz (so called Delta waves) to more awakened and energized state of about 12-15Hz of Beta Waves. The Magical Evening Meditation prepares us to sleep tuning down the brain frequencies back to about 5-Hz helping us to enter Theta state. And the rest of music is beautiful material for various everyday relaxation and meditation.


""... the music on "Enlightened Mind is lying on crossroad between shamanic music of forces of nature and truly soothing and relaxing sounds for everyday maditation and relaxation. Either way, everyone will find something useful here". 


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from "Enlightened Mind" Album by Marius Wojton:

Morning Extasy
Enlightened Mind
Enlightened Mind 2

Meditation Of Magical Evening



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