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Welcome to Emotion Converting Plant Studio!

We proudly offer you amazing sound quality at a great price! World class mastering is finally possible at a cost you can afford. You will also find here a lot of useful information and articles on music production, history of synthesizers and much more!

Emotion Converting Plant Studio stands for exactly what we do - we convert human emotions into music, making it much more enjoyable to human ear. Such improvement in quality of your music gives it an edge over regular, unmastered tracks.

Enjoy and have a good time spent with us.


+48 666 11 333 0


A few words about us...

There are many recording and mastering studios out there. At the same time, more and more people create music at home, using computer and software. Why should you send your material to us?

We have more than 15 years of experience on that field. During that time we worked on just about every genre of music from classical to hip hop. This, and the level of dedication we put into making of each track makes us a very reasonable choice.

At ECP Studio we have developed the Analogization 3D process, which gives digital tracks so highly demanded character of top class analog devices. We use that process both during mix and mastering and it gives truly outstanding results. Analogization 3D is unique and it gives you fantastic, loud, round, warm and full sound. We have worked on it over several years to perfect it and make it really work. The material mixed and mastered by us at ECP is second to none.

The difference, which the Analogization 3D gives, compared to standard, static mix is clearly heard. This is just the difference between pure amateurish stuff and pure pro masterpiece of the highest world-class. It is not an empty promise, let the sound samples made in Analogization 3D technique speak for themselves:


sample ECP Media Studio Analogization 3D Hip-Hop>>

sample ECP Media Studio Analogization 3D Funk>>



We use the latest, most acclaimed studio systems and hardware, reference quality custom monitoring systems, and  above all hi experience and dedication level which enable us to provide our clients with superior sound quality emphasizing their work.   

                  Our work includes, among others:

-mixing using ANA 3D technique
-mastering the whole CD albums
-mastering single tracks
-mastering voice recordings and radio and TV broadcasts
-vocal mastering (acapella, e.g. arias)
-mastering movie soundtracks and sounds for computer games
-premastering projects
-remastering older recordings, noise and hum removal
-restoring old or faulty recording bringing them to the wholly new quality
-recording the whole new projects from scratch

We carry out high-class mastering (improving quality of audio tracks) at 
competitive and attractive prices. But our goal is not selling the price- we always concentrate on absolutely uncompromised quality.  

Our motto is: “No matter how well done it is, we can do it better!”. 

For all your questions and inquires about mastering please contact us at:


Marius Wojton, Emotion Converting Plant Studio





You can read more detailed description of the mastering steps we apply to each recording right below:   

1 Playback of the material using reference audio system. Then thorough analysis with use of all possible measurement methods. Just listening of the material is not precise enough, because there can be problems in recording that human ear can not hear even with use of the best equipment.  Besides, listening sessions can dramatically vary depending on atmospheric pressure, level of humidity, time of the day, temperature, and psycho-physical state of the listener. Therefore, every recording after initial listening is carefully analyzed regarding sonic spectrum, phase problems, average and maximum level.  After such analysis the recording is compared to best, reference class recordings of today's music industry to see what should be done and how things can be improved to make it sound like references.  Or, if possible, to make it sound even better.

2 Transfer of the material to hi definition format of 32 bit 192 khz in order to eliminate all the errors possible during processing. In digital domain resolution in which we work has big importance because of errors, which cumulate when the material of low resolution is being processed. It happens, because the lower resolutions have shorter sequence of zeros and ones (called digital word)  which describe a single sample. Therefore low resolution cuts off what can not be described by short digital words. Cumulating of errors repeats every time  when we do something to the material, even when we just change the volume. Using the highest possible resolution eliminates all the errors and distortion, which happens during low resolution processing.

3 Correction of sound spectrum as needed. We use such devices as analogue eq,  multiband dynamic expander, tube harmonic exciter or top lass reel to reel tape deck.

4 Dynamics balance. Dynamics of the recording is the difference between the most quiet and the loudest moments and also between momentary impulses (called transients) and average level.  Typically best results are obtained with use of relatively big dynamic differences, even for the music such as heavy metal rock. Too much compression causes loss of punch and strength of the recording and also the definition of sound. From the other hand if the differences in dynamics are too big the recording loses roundness and level. Therefore the main aim of this step is  to obtain ideal dynamic coherency.

5 Correction of phase and panorama of the recording. It is very important because ii significantly raises the quality making sound much more natural and detailed.

6 Touches on ambient content of the recording using reverb on certain frequencies. Dry recordings never sound good. Adding the right amount of ambience at certain frequencies makes it much better and pleasing to the ear.   

7 Final setting the best sonic balance between the bass, middle and the hi end of recording.

8 Working up the highest level possible without destroying the sound quality and artistic credo. The level is an important factor in subjective valuating of a recording by an average listener. Even very well arranged and produced song will lose some of it's impact if it is too quiet. We use very advanced methods to reach an absolute level without any sonic compromise.

9 Hi quality dithering. The dithering has very big influence on sound. That is why the dithering is performed at all. The right dithering lets us perceive digital sound as more transparent.  It maximizes the details especially in quiet passages, such as reverb tails and other sonic nuances like distant backgrounds or synthesizer pads. It gives significant improvement to the quality of your recording.   




Depending on type of project from ...................................25 € or $30U.S. per hour of studio time*

*There also is a possibility to establish "flat rate", a steady fee for recording and producing one song. We can negotiate a satisfactory price with the customer. In such a case please call or write: +48 666113330


This is just less expensive version of our full process mastering. It gives almost the same sound quality and leaves the option for final master at the later time, thanks to not using dithering at that stage. Premastering is very competitively priced at just 15€ or $19U.S a piece.


Master from a single stereo mixdown* .............................................................32 € or $40U.S
Master from 3 track groups (separate bass and up to 2 other tracks)...................36 € or $445U.S
Master from our remix of all the tracks...........................................................60 € or $75U.S

*The prices apply to single recording up to 5 minutes in length. If the recording is over 5 minutes please add  1.50 € or $2 U.S for each started minute. When ordering more than 3 songs the price is reduced further, e.g.:

3 and more.......................... - 10 %

5 and more......................... -  15 %

8 and more........................... -30 %


Mix of a song performed from scratch using all the separate tracks of the project, including compression, reverb and ambience effects, and all the other procedures improving the sound and preparing the material for mastering:

If the song does not exceed 6 tracks and 5 minutes in length ............................ 50 € or $64U.S

If the song exceeds 6 tracks ......................................................................... 1 € or $1,2U.S each track over

If the song exceeds 5 minutes in length .................................................  1 € or $1.5U.S  for each minute started

(*). All other services as listed in "Studio" page are priced individually according to client's needs.

We invite you to read some of the reactions of our customers to hearing their material mixed or mastered in our studio:

Opinions about our services



8 October 2012: Bybass Level Two Hi Fidelity speaker line is now available for sale. For more information about those outstanding speakers look here.

15 September 2011: We have introduced the new, superior method of digital tracks processing, called Analogization 3D (ANA 3D). This technology gives outstanding analog sound both during mixing and mastering.   

12 August 2011: We have published the Reaper Tutorial for Polish users 

5 July 2011: We will soon make the Reaper Polish Tutorial available! ;-). We plan to issue an English Tutorial soon.

11 July 2011:  We get a lot of questions about various music production topic. Thank you all for them - many are very inspiring to us.

16 May 2011:  We have finished recording Pavel Czekalski's (Aldaron) jnew album "Consciousness". The album is in mastering phase and will be available in stores shortly. 

8 April 2011:  Recording of great singing poet, Paweł Czekalski (Aldaron) just started. 17 songs are planned.

25 February 2011:  Our Speakers TUNING is getting popular. We have tuned various renowned brand speakers, like JBL, B&W, Canton, Klipsch, Paradigm, KEF, Dali, Focal, Tannoy and others.  Karadigm, B&W, Canton, JBL, Dali, KEF, Focal czy Tannoy. Every pair of speakers, regardless the original price can be pushed to much higher level of performance. The difference in quality is huge.  

10 January 2011:  Starting jingle, sweep, commercials and radio ads production. This includes bigger recordings like audio books with lector voice.

3 November 2010:  We now have great and very unique CD for sale. The album is Stanisław Kubaszak's "Gong Massage",  which was mastered at ECP. The sound is full and all the gong vibrations get to you with absolute fidelity. I recommend the album to all interested in healing, alternative or just pure relaxation music. 

27 October 2010:  Thanks for all great comments sent to us. In short time many new articles will be released! ;-)

21 September 2010: The spectrum of our services widens to an extremely loud and aggresive style: the trash metal
thanks to advanced mix and mastering techniques that are used at ECP the genre sound almost as clear and beautiful as sweet ballads, not loosing its impact and energy.

12 September 2010: We receive many comments and encouragements on everyday basis. Whoa, you are gorgeous. Thank you all for this, we will successively build this site to make it one of the best.

17 August 2010: The number of our clients has rose again. In comparison to last year it is the rise by at least 1\3! Almost 300 000 people has benefited, one way or another from our site. Hundreds of them are happy and returning former clients. Thank you, we can function only because of you!

25 lipca 2010: The new offer for clients of budget - PREMASTERING. Premastering is inintial improvemnet of sounf quality of the recording and removing all the unwanted artifacts like noise, crackle, or tonal problems.Premastering does not contain dithering, which should be used only as final step  during mastering process. Premastering uses similiar steps as the full mastering, but uses slightly simpler, less time consuming process. The quality of premastering is only slightly lower then the full mastering.

12 luty 2010: Our offer is widened! starting from today we launch Free Mailing List for Polish musicians containing various articles and tutorials helping to achieve better results in home studio. Many secrets of compressor use, mastering, history of synthesizers and famous albums will be contained in the Free Mailiing List.

26 listopad 2009: We are starting cooperation with young and very promising artist from Sanok, Britnn. She is a talented composer and lyrics writer. We have started production oof 3 studio albums, demo versions will be available on You Tube. Britnn ( 2 first albums will be called "Britnn" and "Hypnose".

17 listopad 2009: The number of clients using our service grew twice since the last year. We thank you all and promise that the quality of our services will be always second to none.  L

06 November 2009: Now we offer producing whole new music projects from scratch, including recording, mixing and mastering. All that at unbelievably low prices and great quality. We use the newest Pro Tools HD3 studio system along with the whole array of superior microphones, preamps and instruments. If you choose to record at our facility we are able to deliver absolutely superior sound at unbelievably low price!

09 September 2009: We have posted a great new article about the most famous recording studios and the best sounding recording consoles\mixing desks that influenced the greatest and most iconic albums in the history of show business. You will find a great deal of information about the famous EMI Redd 37 console, the  EMI TG 12345 as well as certain custom made mixing consoles made for famous Sunset Studios in California and Tamla Motown studio in Detroit. Also, you will find many information and description on legendary mixing desks like Trident A, MCI, API, SSL, Rupert Neve and Helios Console. Along with the description of the mixing boards we have made some studies on the most famous and influential sound engineers\music producers in the history of world's recording industry and most famous albums of all time. Here is the article : Best Recording Engineers And Producers. Legendary Albums. Absolutely best sounding recording consoles and mixing desks. Enjoy!

20 July 2009: Summer holiday break in our studio takes place between July 24-th and August 5-th. During this period we will not answer e-mails. Please be patient and have a nice summer;-).

30 November 2008: A new, interesting article "Is Arranging an Important Factor in Music Production" will be added to our "Articles" page- read it and send us some feedback.  

28 May 2008: Thanks for all your visits and comments. Currently we are preparing the whole section of articles, from mastering history to mixing, improving the sound and tips on various studio devices use. 

20 May 2008: In the near future we will be happy to include the whole new section, containing reviews and articles on sound on classic and legendary albums of groups such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and other classics and also articles on sound on current albums of groups like Green Day, Ziggy Marley and much more! Special attention will be directed at equipment use to produce those albums and also on studio techniques of recording and mixing. Articles are currently being prepared.

18 May 2008: Also in the near future you will find a free manual on home recording issued for all of those, who want to record their own music at home and want to make it as close to hi budget world class productions as possible. The Manual will be in PDF format, stay tuned!

12 March 2008: Very soon we are going to post the whole series of various articles on music production, problems of mixing and all the associated subjects. We realize that there is a great need for clear and professional info on music production, operating the most popular and needed devices such as compressor, synthesizer, reverb unit etc. Therefore we wrote a series of interesting articles aiming to help small and project studios and also young home musicians to understand secrets of the profession. Thanks to those articles they will be able to greatly improve the sound of their productions!

05 January 2008: Our clients' opinions are very important to us.  They build our creditability and demonstrate the level of quality of our services. As for today, our site is provided with opinions section.

30 November 2007: Thanks to all of you for interest in our services. Thanks to your opinions we can realize that our existence and work is needed and appreciated. We can also realize, that our Internet presence is also needed. The Studiomastering site will grow and serve the music community and we will be very satisfied with every form of help we can provide to musicians, producers and composers. Let the good times roll! 




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