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Mastering the music is an ever-growing craft and has a continually increasing importance. Mastering the music is the final stage of producing sound.
The ultimate final mastering improve the quality and compensate important parameters for audio files.

Mastering the music and any audio recordings is very important, and even
necessary if you would like to get on the market and be perceived as
a professional.
Like even the best drama and directing the film may be wrongly
received by the audience because of weak images, or montage so any audio 
file requires appropriate sound shaping, which is the first message for the listener.

Here are some of our articles on mastering

Mastering - it's meaning and the goal

Mastering is the final, last improvement of the sound before the reproduction of recordings in thousands of copies on compact discs or cassettes. Mastering is done on the finished, mixed down material. Mastering is the next step after mixing the tracks. The aim is to obtain the highest possible technical quality of the material contained on the media so that it can compete and win over other recordings, already present in the market. Actually, a mastered recording must read not only technically excellent, but also in an optimum manner emphasize the concept of an artist. Only a combination of those two factors, the technical and artistic makes mastered recording  a true work of art, time frozen on...

Added: 2008-09-30

The history of Mastering

Mastering is now a very important step in the production of the music. Mastering acquired a new dimension in an era of digital technology, becoming part of the production of music, which restores music lost depth and beauty.
In the eighties  such artists as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston widely used sound improving devices on their recordings  giving them precisely this type of sound, such as the notorious BBE processor. It is in the Eighties when the digital technology came to recording studios around the world for good-recording technology paths through various types of digital recorders, initially with a device tape infeed DAT'ya later as recorders using the optical discs and finally the hard disks...

Added: 2008-09-30

Mastering - preparing the material for mastering

To make sure final mastering of music has met all the expectations it is essential to do the proper preparation of material for mastering. With a view to achieving the best results for your audio CDs you should observe certain rules.
Avoid using compression or a limiter on the sum at the stage of the mix. The results often in poor sound and causes irreversible damage to the material and binds the hands of a mastering specialist limiting the full potential of the mastering. Professional mastering engineers have excellent gear processors and use special techniques, which give far better results...

Added: 2008-09-30 

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