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Marius Wojton - "The Heavens"

If you are looking for music that will change your life and that will make you feeling much better, this CD record is for you! It brings on an extraordinary blissful and positive mood, puts out depression, energizes in a very pleasant way and helps concentration.

And it is not all.

 Album "The Heavens" is totally different from all the other albums. Its difference expresses itself not only in purely artistic valor but also in its real influence on body and mind. The album gives what any relaxation album should give- a real relax, serenity and rest. It is composed in such a way, that it can be listened to countless times and never will tire the listener. Therefore, it is an album that is usable on everyday basis and not an album lying on shelf after one-time listening. 
Album "The Heavens" contains nine carefully crafted pieces built on wide and rich textures, excellent for use as meditation and relaxation music, and also as a background for spoken word broadcasts, especially the contemplation ones. 
The album is an escape from noise and tempo of today’s world, giving real rest and tranquility.


"... There are many so-called relaxation albums on the market today. Most of them do not work at all because they are not artistic works and will take away energy from the listener instead of giving it. Marius’ Heavens are composed in such a way, that they can be listened to everyday and for extended periods of time and they will not cause that effect. 
Apart from purely artistic valors, "The Heavens" CD has another, very important feature: it helps the listener’s brain enter Theta wave state, in the vicinity of 5 Hz. You can read more on that on Theta Waves Stimulation page".

"...This record is a real out of this world experience!!!! The sounds are heavenly, it is a subtle, eteric and powerful trip to deepest levels of our consciousness at the same time! Gives a strong kick to your energy, too!..."


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from Album "The Heavens" - Marius Wojton:

First Heaven (An Introduction To Paradise)
 Second Heaven (The Hellish And Heavenly Pad With Water)
Third Heaven

Fourth Heaven (Cricquets)

Fifth Heaven (WithMonks, Bells And Maracas)
Sixth Heaven (Delicate)
Seventh Heaven (Antiheaven With Singing Monk)
Eighth Heaven

Ninth Heaven (Multiplethora Eufemia In Coelis)


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