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Marius Wojton - The Land of Ma-La-Bur

We proudly present some info about Marius' upcoming album- "The Land Of Ma-La-Bur". Recording sessions for this album started over a year ago, most of the tracks are already recorded, the music will be released in autumn this year.

Here is something more about the project:

The Land Of Ma- La- Bur is a mystical country that is totally different from other countries. It is here, where you live, around your town or village. But first of all, it is on the border of your consciousness, where the visible world joins with invisible and things that are uncovered join things that are covered…It is the land of Spirit, a Mystical Land. You will learn about it while listening to this album. It exists really. 


Album the Land Of Ma-La-Bur contains pieces inspired by multiple cultures. Rich electronic textures, African and Indian drums, deep electric bass, and one of the kind, dark and mystical climate. The author calls this style New Jazz Ethno Fusion. 


Listen to mp3
from the upcoming album "The Land of Malabur" by Marius Wojton:

Ayaman Samadi
MaLaBur Three
Orgiastic Trance 



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