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Marius Wojton - "My Guitar"


"My Guitar" is an instrumental album, which I have recorded using a specially tuned, electroacoustic guitar of "folk" type, played thru big pallette of fx devices. Only two of the tracks from the album were recorded on an electric guitar. I tried to give the recordings a wide climatic perspective of many various styles from all over the world, from Country through Celtic to deep climates of Asia. However, I have always remained truthful to my own artistic vision, so all the compositions are joined by the common style.


Opinions: ".... Styles of the Marius' album cover a wide spectrum of world styles of music, beginning from various kinds of blues, rock, jazz, up to modern music of the middle, so called New Jazz Ethno Fusion. In spite of this diversity, Marius'performance always leaves deep impression of his own, one-of-a-kind style on the listener, no matter what he does with instruments and equipment".

"...that record, "My Guitar” is a journey to several cultural regions of the World and also a trip to several eras of music development at one-go. It is not possible to describe extraordinary richness of the sound without listening to it. Marius' guitar breathes with freshness and totally original style, and amazes with artists virtuosity. Outstanding technical quality of the tracks put this album among the best guitar albums ever released". 

"...because the composer used a specially tuned instrument and a tone of special electronic effects, the sound of this album is unmistakebly original and different from anything recorded on the guitar so far".   

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from album "My Guitar" - Marius Wojton:

1.  Tennesee Gap
 2.  Saigon Dream
3.  Cuchulainn Dance

4.  Caravanserai

5.  Spanish Magic
6.  Benares
7.  Secret Place  (Prem Joshua)
8.  Jazz  Chorus

9.  San Sunset

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